• muskanbhageria23 5w

    Changing times

    Days grow shorter by the light which spins in a coaster style trick your mind,
    Around and up, then down and out through a spiral into a ghost towns memory time

    Cobb webs dance in the corners silence, speaking of contents of a foreign felt chest,
    Dread the hours, trickling without vision, that transform each minute seemingly to regret.

    The sun set, colors taper to blue then into the dark mirror of yesterday,
    I'm moved by emotions running and tumbling through a long tunnel that lay cold and grey

    Overcast skies, have I yet looked into tomorrows eyes or is this just wonder?
    I stare into the shifting clouds as they shape without sound, unlike lightening to thunder

    Afraid you may ask of me, if I fear the night and the induced thoughts it brings?
    But the questions that come challenge like a candle that lights hopes and dreams

    Although, they seem to be made of paper as they tear down all the walls that I've ever built,
    Setting the pace for another unsettling wake, that leaves the impression I'm a breeze, waiting still.