• gabrielbambi 6w

    An Ode to My Heart and Soul Fire

    A Forbidden Thing.
    But her Soul - the sweetest melancholic Melody, to mine heart she doth sing.

    Oh! How I have become a hapless victim of a tragedy of the heart...

    Further in this Fervent Fever I fall:
    Shall I fall into Forlorn?
    Or Shall it be into Forever?

    Her dark olive green eyes pierce through me,
    Her skin the whitest shade of pale,
    Velvet as her body is pressed against mine.

    Yet the tale of her seamless beauty never seems to get old.
    My heart palpitations refuse to vanquish or settle with time.

    My love overflows and yet quenches not her thirst.
    However even in our darkest hours, there is an insatiable desire for one another, a magnetism.

    She has penetrated my soul and given me vision beyond the day.
    Her rhythm, her song, a Melody driving me to strife for a life more than just for One.

    A thousand times o'er I have seen my Future in those mesmerizing eyes.
    A thousand times o'er I have seen a future without her would surely mean my demise.

    This is an ode to My Heart and Soul Fire

    My Love for you is Infinite, without end, My Queen