• poet_aven_666 9w

    I told my crush I liked him..after he hugged me..I feel really bad cause he has a girlfriend..my heart is still hurt..but..I told him!

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    I told you baby!

    I told you baby!
    I told you dear..
    You are not mine but I love you here...
    You have your own..
    She is beautiful and graceful..
    Unlike me...
    I hope for you to see..
    The passion I have for thee..
    And love me later...
    I love you So!
    I told you baby!

    Your love is sweet..
    You picked me right up off my feet!
    And held me there...
    It didn't feel right though..
    Because you have your own..
    Don't compare..
    Or I will glare...
    My heart is fragile...
    So just be soft...
    Love me later..
    I told you baby!

    You hugged me today..
    It was warm and soft..
    It felt right this time..
    But also didnt..
    Cause you have your own..
    But still I didn't want to let go..
    I wanted to stay in your arms..
    So let me stay..
    Untill she comes..
    To ruin the day..
    I told you baby..