• joyjoy 35w

    Greater Heights

    After thirteen years
    I can't believe I'm here again
    The anger, the hurt
    I looked for you
    To wish you well
    To celebrate your success
    To be proud
    And with one song
    My heart's been broken again.
    Such a deep connection we shared
    One that reached greater heights than the rest
    One filled with loss and despair
    As I felt alone in our nest
    To hear you play that song
    To hear you hum the words
    All the feelings rushed back
    All the hurt unfurled
    To be so connected
    And yet be so alone

    I made the right decision to leave

    But to hear you call me home
    Rips a hole in me
    Why couldn't you do
    What I needed you to do
    Back then?
    Why didn't you fight for me,
    When I told you we were reaching our end?
    Instead we are miles apart
    Remembering sweeter days
    Now things can never go back
    I cannot change the way
    Life has lead me away from you
    My children keep me here
    I can't go home.
    Even if I wanted to
    Even if...
    I wish I hadn't looked again
    I wish I was immune
    I wish I didn't remember
    This love, again, exhumed