• stephen_king 5w


    Arise and shine
    The warden commanded
    It started all over again
    The kind of routine I never wished for
    The streets were my parents
    The rascals and jackals taught me survival
    Attending initiations like church service
    I needed clothes no more
    My skin was covered already. .yeah
    Marks from crime lords and kingpins
    Those are the church pastors
    Holiest of holiest in the yard
    Now you know where am from.

    A different world
    A different culture
    A whole different commandment
    You don't know how it is
    You can't imagine it
    To be raised in the gutters
    Nothing was permanent
    Druglords,mafias,top dogs
    Survival of the fittest is the theme
    Everything is temporal
    But my scars never left me
    My true love
    It never faded.

    We celebrate deaths like prom
    No sweetness here
    Human decency was lost
    Preacher men were butchered for lunch
    This is not an excuse I heard
    You didn't choose where you were raised
    But you can choose where you'd die
    The very first time good news wasn't death
    A step away from being a mafia
    Took away into no man's land

    Law and order wasn't my thing
    I struggled to live among descents
    It isn't an easy journey
    Heat,heat,heat everywhere
    I saw changes in the ambiance
    Pervading into the hardened heart
    Everything is new now
    I have friends now
    I have a television
    Above all
    I have love
    The scars remained
    My true love.

    Scars can't heal
    Scars can't fade
    They're living proofs that anyone can be
    No matter how worst
    You can be better
    Let your scars be your motivation to better life.