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    Dear Ladies,
    There's a secret to finding "Good Guys." It's
    the shy ones. The shy ones are the guys who want
    to play video games, build forts, walk in the park,
    lie outside staring at the stars, just go for a long
    drive, have movie nights, cuddle, play fight, play
    pranks, hold you close, hold your hand, fall asleep
    with you, stay up talking all night until we get
    loopy and talk crazy, sing back and forth to each
    other (even though we sound horrible), spoil you,
    not because we want to win you over but because
    we love spoiling people we love, and always be
    there for you. Sure, we're not as confident as the
    other guys who go up to any girl they can to geta
    number, but you have no idea how much
    confidence you can boost in a guy by going up to
    him. Plus we are great in bed because all we want
    to do is please you.
    Sincerely, The shy kid who met a
    girl that changed his life
    @hittu_19 @girlyaapa_ @neomik

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    Dear Ladies
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