• flyhigh 9w

    This one night
    I remember
    It rained heavily
    And for the first time
    You were sleeping
    Right beside me
    I was tangled
    Between your arms
    And my legs
    Underneath yours
    I run my hand
    Through your hair
    And all you do
    Is whisper-moan
    Your light snores
    The voice of you breaths
    Was still audible
    Mixed with the sound
    Of rain falling outside

    Tonight, it's raining
    Heavily again
    And for the first time
    You are not sleeping
    Beside me
    My body is tangled
    Between the sheets
    And not your body
    My fingers crave
    To wander in your hair
    The only sound i can listen to
    Is the sound of rain
    Your breaths and snores
    Are missing

    Tonight, the rain reminds me
    About your presence
    And absence
    And i have concluded that
    The sound of falling rain
    Is a lullaby i would never
    Fall alseep listening to/

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