• andigrace 23w

    I'm moving and I hate it!
    I almost didn't stop and look at this house.
    It is so ran down.
    Let's be honest, it looks like hell!
    At this point I had looked at so many that pleased the eye but were full of ugly and filth.
    You could smell and feel the hell raging in them.
    I won't live in that, I can't!
    I was running out of time.
    Against my better judgement something made me sit right there and reluctantly make the call. Much to my surprise, it's good on the inside!
    It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Even under the layers of filth
    And a week of serious cleaning.
    Sloping hilly floors and beat up doors.
    A calm that feels like home. She is pretty inside.
    Days later I was still having problems getting past the outside. I worried, that's what I do.
    I overthink and then think some more.
    God if it's not right, take it away I prayed.
    Don't let me make another mistake, not now!
    What will others think?
    They will look with disgust in their eyes.
    They will not see the pretty inside.
    But for those who step in,
    If they can see past the years and flaws.
    Through the bumps and scars.
    They will see her beauty.
    It was that moment I realized...
    That house, is me!