• jordandspen 10w

    Myself & I

    Dear jordan
    I texted you but you still ain't called , you got my address, mobile, and house number , have i done something
    I send two texts back in autumn you must not have got em, your mobile phone must be fawlty or something, i hope you know i was just checking , that you hadnt gave in and got back on it , the last time i saw you was really shocking i couldn't belive it
    I must admit i did a little crying, that image of you like that absorbed in to me , i still have junior school pictures of you , if i would have walked past you i never would have recognised you , id have walked straight past you yea thats true, anyway i hope u get this fast , just to chat yano for this and that, from mum

    Dear jordan
    You still and called or wrote i hope u have a chance , before you get worse and end up in a ambulance, or end up dead over some evil substance , what happened we used to like to sing laugh and dance , if you could see urself like i do , youd be shocked too or maybe youd be too doped up to see the truth , you used to be big and strong what went wrong , you havnt touched this all ur life long it cant make u happy or like u belong , you gotta call me jordan ill be the biggest thing ull ever loose , ps i love you too

    Dear mum
    I meant to write you sooner ive just been busy, i heard rachs charlies sick how is he , look i know we dont see each other regularly, its just the money, bills and train fair i hope u dont think its intentionally, i do miss you and i know yoy miss me too , now that ive kicked that shit i know ur proud of me aint you , i sorry for cutting you loose and blaming you for my childhood that was wrong of me too, i felt like id been framed but deep down i was just ashamed, but now im back on my feet i know that makes u happy i wrote this poem in that beautiful book you bought me, youve seen the picture's of me transformed so that proves im reformed , all i can say now is sorry for letting you down , now ive tasted defeat and been so low down , its nice to chat now with you knowing im better somehow, thanks for the support i dont know where id be without you now , anyway no cause for warning , just called to say i love you