• blankpages 6w

    First date❤

    You were just a little taller than I expected
    Just perfect to make me an armrest
    I ran into your arms even when I didn't know you well
    Yet I cherished it like a dream come true

    You pulled my hand as if it just belonged to you
    held it tight and smiled
    Not to far away from blushing back
    I hid my face behind

    We walked around as if the time stopped
    We sat to click pictures of us together for the first time
    We went to eat then
    And laughed the entire time

    Somewhere nervous.. somewhere happy
    Millions of questions in our minds
    A moment before i met you
    To the moment after i met you
    Ocean of difference I find

    Where was I? yes the eating part,
    How could this not mess up?
    The table shook and we looked
    And this eye lock brought a smile again ..

    Have you ever fed anyone else before in your life?
    Or was I your first one?
    You were shivering and I was quiet
    Yet your efforts made me smile more than usual

    You held my hand near to your heart
    And stood still in silence
    And I looked at the most gorgeous face of all
    And thought if i was the luckiest person alive..

    I felt your heartbeats
    Just like how you could hear them when i came close
    Eyes closed lips met
    And the time slowed

    It was so hard to leave you that time
    I prayed... maybe begged god for you to stay
    Just because you promised me
    That we'll again meet another day