• br33z3 5w

    Title: An amateur at love

    An amateur at love... You have given me hope at finding out what true love is all about.
    I have lost and I have gained... But one fact remains the same... I am an amateur at love.
    I never experienced what little joys holding hands brings, or peckish kisses while I talk about absolute nothing... The smallest hint of romantic gestures frighten me... And I have a jealous streak... An amateur of all things... I have tried in the past but I'm scares of commitment... Seeking a significant other... I hold on to moments.
    Wanting to feel needed, I try to complete the simple task of romance. I'm getting to a point where I can no longer hold my head above water... I'm too old now to start over... I'm set in my ways and have regimented patterns that speak abundently...
    I'm just an amateur at love... Guilty.