• rebelpjones 11w

    Implico/Interlace, Communicate

    As I sit back with my
    head in the smoke
    I enter another
    intriguing realm of thought.

    As I rewind the recorder
    of they day and the many ways
    I failed to successfully communicate,

    I see and agree with my
    inner mes' perception,
    I'm still a jerk
    I got some work.

    My ego is my biggest enemy
    Its hard to let go of
    the control of things.

    I'm still learning but
    it really does
    seem like baby steps now,
    Yes, through this life journey
    my feet really do hurt.

    See, from the first time
    we learn to speak,
    We never stop learning
    new ways to
    express what we think,

    just trying our best
    to be clear and
    not misunderstood,

    Yet most of the
    problems in the world are
    we as a whole either
    don't wish to or don't
    know how to communicate.

    Most don't take into
    consideration the
    effects of the words
    they are saying,

    or the devastating
    aggression they are

    Dying in flesh with
    regrets from
    grudges unresolved,

    grudges from words
    left unspoken,
    hearts and minds left in
    chaos and broken,

    Voids exist where
    love should be
    taking up space,

    But we don't know
    how to say
    I love you anymore.

    All we know anymore is
    division and hate
    In such aggressive ways,

    Soon to come
    a world ablaze
    Just you wait,

    You wanted change
    Oh there will be change,
    But the world we see now
    will become far more deranged,

    as the psychopaths lead us
    to a future with
    artificial mentality
    implanted in every brain.

    You now exist only to
    in an indoctrinated way.

    It is true, ignorance is bliss,
    the grass is greener when folks
    beat around the bush,

    scary is the truth
    because it can never be
    taken out of existence
    once spoken and given life.

    Our minds and our words
    are our greatest prisons,
    Until our truths are spoken,

    Then the shackles
    we were bound to
    will finally be broken,

    and our true selves
    will have finally
    ascended and risen.