• twisty_writes 27w


    I dont know if love happens every now and then
    Whenever i think of you
    Eyes twinkle, cheeks go pink
    Butterflies seem to fly in stomach
    An automatic smile flashes
    If, this is called love where the spark lits my soul,raising my heartbeat more than before
    I accept
    And,would want this for life.

    After all this blushy smile and butterflies
    Burning your soul with the sparks that ignited before
    Not bothering to protect yourself but to hold alone
    Keep burning and,
    Wait for your lost love to be found is also LOVE

    After a point
    Burning into ashes awaiting is also LOVE

    Rising from the same ashes,
    Accepting that there is no one to hold the other side
    Accepting all the chaos,
    The melancholy,
    Accepting yourself and rebuilding your soul
    Is also LOVE
    But this time it is SELF-LOVE

    Promising never to leave yourself alone is also LOVE.