• drabuu 9w

    To the wife that still lives in the future

    Dear future wife
    I'm not sure if the path to you is laced with trace of pleasure or regret
    If you're the treasure that awaits me or the price I'll have to pay
    If you'll bring along amity or enmity
    If your trip to my life will bring me euphoria or dysphoria
    If my journey to you is going to be facile or tedious
    If my heart is gonna be pleased or hassled by welcoming you
    If your presence is going to be tenuous or make a colossal impact to my life
    If you're going to coalesce my almost shattering life or catalyse the process
    If living with you is going to be full of smiles or tears
    Yet, amidst these uncertainties
    Even at my uttermost sobriety, I still yearn for your for arrival
    I avidly anticipate your presence in my life
    My prayers remain dominated by seeking your fast arrival
    Like a child listening to fable, I still wallow in your imagination
    Just hoping you are about locating me
    Not sure how long more I can wait.