• kushal_tamang 5w

    Make it through the winds

    Hey my friend you look lost some where...
    so weak, so bad just look at yourself .
    Where have you fallen ,
    what have you put yourself into
    for I roll back in time
    searching for that smile
    I saw long time back.
    When you were strong and
    didn't need this things.
    No alcohol, no drinks,
    no smoking through the winds .
    And now it hurts to see
    a fighter lie down so weak .
    Give yourself a chance
    Give yourself a glance .
    a glance at your throne
    the throne awaits for you.
    So come fight your own fight
    with your mighty little will ,
    with the ability that you got...
    Come we can make it happen like before
    No alcohol no drinks ,
    no smoking through the winds..
    While I know you are strong
    enough to make it through this wind
    and make it through this wind .