• thelostsoulmate 45w

    After all, we are all human.
    So I don't hate u, for choosing her.
    She was shiny and perfect, and all you've ever wanted.

    While me, well I was a mess.
    A ball of complications, a life of contradictions.
    A whole lot of cracks, held together by duct tape.

    So I don't hate u, not for choosing her.
    What I hate Is why u called me, one year and one month later-
    To say how much u hate me, for choosing him.

    "You should have known" u said " it wouldn't work that way"
    " you should have too" I replied
    After a long pause, u said " I hate u so much"

    And I knew exactly what u meant.
    after all,
    we are all human.