• lone_soul_ 10w

    Dear alcohol
    You win.
    Yet again

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    Dear Alcohol

    Dear Alcohol,
    Don't take me too fast.
    I mean I've always known it would be you so...

    Dear Alcohol,
    We don't talk much now.
    But these sleepless nights,never ending thoughts, man,
    you must have gotten me hooked somewhere
    between the numbness and giving temporary relief.

    Dear Alcohol,
    My friends smoked but I'm not really into smoke cause that kills your lungs and you fuck yourself kinda slowly..
    but you...
    I don't know about you.
    Maybe because it's the liver and that seems so far away.
    My lungs are RIGHT next to the heart...
    I mean, that's much to fast for the pain that
    I want to wash away at my own pace.
    Wash away drink by boring drink.

    Dear Alcohol,
    YOU WIN.

    Dear Alcohol,
    Send me drink from those pits of hell from where you
    play me from, for I am coming.
    I always knew it would be you...