• snigdha_aggarwal 5w

    Drowning into my thoughts today I approach this topic of voluntary suffering. Borne it or not we create shocks and expect a sort of mental squint from others. We put hints and propel our search for someone who can be symbolic of it. We channelise ourselves to be identified at the scale of gray, Cheerless and dreary existence of ourselves. This deferred shed of hope based on our ridiculous expectation keeps us continue to live a 'after you' gestured life causing unnecessary social distribution.This competitiveness at the measure of darkness buffers imitation of intentional influences of others.

    In those times divide your attention and actively seek yourself rather than calling it an art of enjoyment.
    Learn to lift! Learn to say 'I insist'.
    -Snigdha Aggarwal
    #Reflection #Gesture

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