• onetosearch 10w

    What do you believe is beauty? No, don't use the dictionary! Speak through your heart, people, and stoo relying on a "concrete" definition. If poetry has taught you anything, you'd realize that words aren't always what they seem between sheets of paper or sheets of webpages hidden in glass.

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    I: Beauty bent by the twilight hour, causing a soft chirp of the crickets and the nestling of the birds. People sat in silence, minds opened, mouth closed. Beauty came through the natural look first; something in which all have.
    II: Beauty softly pecked at their hearts, startling their minds awake. They slowly moved and found their way. Beauty comes through action, intention, and heart.
    III: Sobs overtake their form, forcing their bodies to ripple and cripple, spiraling downwards to the pain deep inside. Suddenly, in latter time, things look up, and they admire their frame in the mirror that used to tell lies. Beauty itself is found as a feeling that continuously changes.