• alivadutta 19w

    This Works

    When things go wrong,
    When it feels like your four walls will crash down,
    When even in brightness you see only black,
    When all the materialistic components can't bring a smile on your face,
    When all you need is the comfort of people who makes things easier for you.
    When all you have is people, who won't understand what you are going through.
    Just take a break from everything ( people mostly)
    Stay alone, somewhere where no one can reach you out...
    Try being your own comfort,
    Explain ownself what you can do and you should do,
    Live for ownself.
    Your dreams are precious, don't let them die, because you didn't find anyone to support you.
    You are the creator of your happiness,
    All you need to do is -
    "Stay alone and comfort ownself "