• junmen 24w

    Evryone is busy
    To prove oneself
    To not to stumble
    To not to be overpowered by others
    I saw people
    With a hunger in their eyes
    An Anonymous greed i say,
    Everybody is so busy to be the best
    To outstand.
    And just simple thing they forget to do is
    "To live"
    To forget everything and just live,
    And i can see how tired are they,
    All i see is a tired weary soul.
    I say let loose yourself,
    Stumble and fall to rise higher,
    Take one at a time,
    Work for self satisfaction
    You need not to prove anyone,
    Just value you inner happiness.
    And see how things are in places.
    In the best places.
    Juno ❤️