• semanfatimawani 5w


    There will be a dawn of freedom
    We been lodging for
    No more pellets, no more bombs
    That's all we want
    We want the right to speak
    Against the oppression
    How many more Burhan's
    Does India want
    Going on this tired ride
    I am twenty one
    And my granny on the death bed
    Utters ! The same old song
    She narrates the tales of
    Death, brutality and murders
    And I tell her the story of
    Shaheeds,Internet ban and pellets
    She tells me sim , how many children
    Lost their eyesight
    How many teenagers lost their spine
    And we old were too unlucky to carry those young coffines on our shoulders
    This bloodshed took so many lives
    But still India doesn't want us to be alive