• shreyawrites_ 40w

    Why not me?

    You can talk to any girl you want
    Can comment on there pics
    Can make them feel special
    Can chat with them for whole night
    Can share your secrets with them everytime
    Just because u own me dosnt means that you will not talk to me
    Will not flirt with me
    Will not comment on my pics
    Will not make me feel special
    Will not share your secrets with me
    Am i that bad for you?
    Does making me your girlfriend fullfills your responsibility ?
    Do other girls really have more importance in your life than me?
    You really bother for them coz u dnt own them!
    Oh wait
    I forgot something
    I have something that you cant ask from them
    MY BODY!
    Is this my importance in your life?
    If you have loved me you would have made me feel special atleast for once
    No matter what
    You are available for everyone but not for me
    No matter what
    I remember my birthday
    My first birthday with you
    I thought it would have been special
    But a big NO
    Our first anniversary
    I thought it will be the best
    But again a big NO
    I dont want any excuse
    Neither i am giving you any of them!
    Just a simple thing
    You want happiness which is not with me
    I may sound harsh
    But the truth is
    Thanku for the 5 day attention i got from your side in our primery stage of relation!
    We are perfect physically but not mentally!
    I wish i could have posted this to tell everyone that we are no more together
    I will wait for you
    This time
    I want you
    Your attention
    I want you to flirt with me every single day
    I want you to make me feel special every single second
    I dont want to be insecured...
    If you can do this plz come back
    Or else i will be happy alone
    (Maybe yours)