• uncharteredmusings 35w

    It's a poetry I wrote for my best friend who has been my rock at all times. Just my little gesture to let her know what she means to me.

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    A girl unknown

    Stepped into my zone,

    With her bright smile

    And beautiful face

    She made an entrance

    With so much grace,

    Our Friendship

    Soon got its grip

    Much stronger

    Than the critic’s whip,

    More of craziness

    And tips of sassiness

    All were a part of our

    Little world of happiness,

    No judgements

    No rules

    All we had

    Was our self made module,

    Moments got us tipsy

    And made us smoky

    Can be best described

    As our undisclosed stories,

    Lilo and stich

    Timon and pumbaa

    Portrays well

    Our basic mantra,

    Our love

    Our life

    Are guided

    By our stride,

    We had something

    Many would not like,

    Call it cling or fling

    Or simply nothing

    In our hearts

    We got one thing

    That being special

    And our life long possession