• genevievemei 9w

    The scorching sun on my pale skin,
    Darkening it with a touch of pain.
    Sweat droplets falling down like rain,
    It quenches me, it calms me down.

    Many days since I last saw man,
    And three, since I last found water.
    My body burning up against the heat,
    The oasis seemingly further than before.

    Looking behind on my heels,
    Nothing but sand and footprints.
    And the blinding colour of yellow,
    Ceasing both my eyes to open.

    Oasis, oasis, will there be one to find,
    Or am I silly to find this miracle of mine?
    My thirst for water, and hunger for food,
    Desperate was I, for any carcass was fine.

    But there was none at all,
    The Wild West this was not.
    Like an endless path I'm walking,
    I can feel myself near falling.

    Alas, I could handle it no more,
    My body done with all its sufferings.
    I fall onto the hot ground with a thud,
    And slowly, my eyes close and my breath none.


    "Being stranded on a desert alone, must be pretty terrifying, is it not? The fear of dying alone, and miserably, and by starvation or thirst, must be painfully slow and hard to watch."

    16th November, 2019

    #starvation #alone #thirst #desert #pod

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