• timbergouker817 5w


    I've missed you since you've been gone,
    We have been apart way to long,
    I miss your stare with the eyes that shine so bright,
    I miss you smile, which always brought me some light,
    I miss you by my side where you would fight always,
    But always in the end the guy never stays..,
    I miss your protection. You would always stick up for me,
    No matter who it would be,
    But that's gone and I took more damage,
    My heart's wrapped in a bandage,
    Broken, but healing and not very fast,
    You moved on faster I guess you knew it wouldn't last,
    We are friends but it's not the same,
    You treat us dating like you've failed a game,
    When I lost you I lost my everything,
    But it looks like you lost nothing,
    So answer me this please what was us to you,
    You never noticed I always loved you and I still do,
    But know I can't say that you truly loved me,
    I want to just tell you this so you can see,
    I loved you,
    But I got my heart back in two,
    I always wear a smile because you still give it to me,
    I still like you expect you never see,
    Do you know what I was to you cause I know what you were to me,
    I still love you but you never stay,
    I want you to like me too but that won't happen today,
    Our duet disappeared now I sing my own song,
    Wishing you weren't still gone...