• day_dreamz 3w

    Her head in the clouds

    Too long did she stay
    Her head in the clouds
    Saw nothing different in the way of the world
    Serenely she walked throughout her life
    All was beautiful in her violet eyes
    "Nothing but a sweet child"
    Was whay they called her
    As she smiled cheerfully at every passerby
    Many pitiful eyes looked her way
    Wondering at the face so pretty and gay
    "A little bit touched in the head", was the common verdict
    Alas! She's gone
    Welcomed by the earth...
    As I visit her house now I only see an empty husk...
    Her soul was what made it alive...
    And though they say nothing, everyone of the villagers miss her...
    Her sunny smile that brightened their day...
    Her violet eyes that sparkled of life..