• voice_behind_pen 9w

    The need to write

    My pen fore and ready to Jot,
    But these thoughts are gone.
    Pen loosing ink,
    Unable to think,
    Even those ideas seem to shrink.
    Marooned in my thoughts,
    Highlighting the unspoken tales,
    Listening to the things unheard.

    My words, they'd always speak,
    I don't really know how to write deep,
    Words not too polished
    But I never did expect you to save or keep.

    Nurturing the seeds of words,
    When my pen regains it's might,
    My piece would emerge at night
    Exactly at the stroke of midnight.

    My words, my letters
    My treasure trove
    To me they're everything.
    This habit of writing my inner lightning
    Brightening my ways.

    My words aren't any near to popularity
    But that doesn't question my individuality,
    I found home in my poems,
    Now, souls of high spirits guard my pen.

    The need to write, such that makes my soul thrive
    For I found elusive placidity within the walls of blazing words,
    The need to write, I was born with this!!
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi