• aykong 9w

    "konna dekisokonai de gomen ne"

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    I am sorry about
    The world I live in
    There's nothing much I could do
    Except being sloppy and a failure.

    I wonder if I tiptoe
    And raise my hand
    Will I be able to
    Reach the moon.

    I won't count the stars today
    And not look at its blue
    To question if the sea
    Was abandoned by the sky.

    I try to find words
    To reach its light
    But it never follows me
    And I hit a dead end again.

    Funny how I sit there
    Waiting for the distance to grow
    So I could hide there
    And make myself at home.

    I smell soil but no air
    But it isn't hard to breathe.
    I touch the land
    And it starts to flow through my hand.

    What is it I am feeling
    In this fleeting wind
    That it sticks to my face
    To become another?

    I am tired
    Trying to find what's real
    So I keep telling lies
    To cover it for ever.

    It keeps fading
    Maybe I could burn myself
    And paint the picture
    I never got to see.

    How further can I go
    Before the morning comes
    And I open my eyes
    To its sun?