• qaynaat 10w

    One word. I shall never forgive you ���� (you do not have an idea about who I say this, and I do not have an idea who you might be trying to have an idea too, so I am just saying this supposedly only to get it off my heart-), so yeah, some people may now go ahead and dictate : if you're lonely when you're alone, you're not in good company, and I really do not care any bits anymore by who what quote goes around in the greater world, I'm so done there man, it's done and high and dry, a blank, and it's all just gone. ����

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    when I looked at the distant mountains
    blue and formidable
    the air - ever alive
    with endless filtering sunshine;

    a square of paper
    slab of coldest ice,
    I found shards
    closest to my heart.

    I was lonely
    and I was not;
    I hugged