• inspire_art 34w

    Her love spread out like branches
    Reaching up towards the sky
    Giving shade throughout the summer
    And a place to keep you dry
    So all the city's children
    Built a treehouse around her spine
    And though they never asked her
    She still told them she was fine
    They etched their names with knives
    Along the edges of her bones
    A handwritten reminder
    She was always Theirs to own
    Despite the pain they brought her
    Upwards she still grew
    Thinking if you love someone
    It's the least that you can do
    But as the kids turned into adults
    And the winter grew cold
    She wept sap from their carvings
    For they weighed too much to hold
    And the men all thought her branches
    Were to help their fires start
    And without a single " thank you"
    Put a chainsaw through her heart