• aditya_5206 46w

    Demolishing Generations

    Once , people passed stories of prosperity, liberty and fellowship. Once people formed groups of the bests , unknowingly killing the rest loners.
    You wrote down your sorrows on screens, feeling an unwanted , tormenting rage of betrayal.
    How can you expect great things , when all they have done it hurt.
    When is it time to ask your desires, when others only seek what the want.
    Is there anyone to accept you , ascend you , push you, when all they have done is drag you lower that their high precedent..
    Do Those ghostly shadows, only desire you will , reputation , respect.
    Do those demonic resemblances deserve to be baptised in you trust
    And expose you to the quirkiness of depression.
    This all confusion is what life is about.
    By Aditya Kabra