• panache_stains_and_hangovers 20w

    I have been warrior, been a lover, been a heartbreak, been a saviour. Gone through thousand of shades, moulded by them just to be in their desired shapes.
    Being a poet, For this Society I have turned into a slave.
    This ain't any tragedy I have been too naive.
    I look into the mirror and the only thing I observe is there ain't any fire left in me.
    I have been damaged so brutally
    But being a boy my eyes has no permit to cry.
    I have to smile even if it's fake cause boy's are too good at lies.
    Today, I have been self defeated, My faith in love can never be restored. The amount of elixir left in me is less than the amount of poison injected in my soul.
    I withstand against everything you threw at me in frustation, Cause I knew deep down you are broken too.
    But Society doesn't allow men to be emotional ,
    They have portayed us with a tagline "Men are brave".
    It hurts when we actually find a safe place to hide and they portray us weak.
    And One should know that "I am Sorry" never fill all the cracks which have been gifted by them in the name of hate.
    I ain't point at someone and questioned about their character.
    Being True to someone, Being honest to someone has the same aftermath and that is you will be backstabbed.
    It's tough to be a boy, and it's toughest to be a men cause we have to digest everything even if we are complete dead from inside, even if when there aint a single breath left in our bones to love ourselves, we have to bloody wear a smile. And Yes I am afraid cause I only have love to offer instead of recieving it.
    You have asked me "Why only you" ?
    Cause my poetries have conveyed me that their ain't any other who remind me of the magic I am capable of.
    You are right, There has been a mixed emotions in this scrap but I dont know how to offer you all the pieces of my wounded and bleeding heart. Cause being a boy, at last I have to look in the eye of each and everyone out here and with a slight grin has to murmur only two words. "I'm fine"

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    ....Being a boy my eyes has no permit to cry.
    I have to smile even if it's fake cause boy's are too good at lies....

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    - Rahul Saha