• bimboeelarkah 10w

    Mental health, where's my mental health?

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    Obsessive compulsive disorder means I obsessively obsess on things I think about
    This means the voices in my head always come to whisper when I least expect
    This means I fear losing that are mine
    Because I am scared of not having things I might need
    This means I Am engrossed with order and symmetry
    This means i keep feeling like I am falling into an endless abyss on a daily
    This means I have so many thoughts to tell but can’t
    This means I get mood swings like I am having constant menstrual cramps
    This means my past is too much of an influence on my present
    This means apps on my devices must be on the right page
    This means I feel tensed most times and not satisfied with my presence
    So this is Me, an imperfect wired human,
    Trying not to engulf the people around me in my dark matter.