• heartfullofglitters 49w

    Resolution cum re-evaluation

    So.. Its the ending of the year..is it??
    Is it only the ending of the year?
    Or is it ending of some decisions..?
    Because new year will give us new hopes..
    That remained unoccupied in the last years..
    Like the bluish sky that shine after some dark clouds.. We too are just about to bloom after fading a year..
    Resolution...yes i had ..and i still have..
    And re evaluation.. The most important thing..m gonna do.. The mistakes..the misroote..everything..that laid on my path of happiness..
    Sometimes become so happy and suddenly everything just fade away..
    I have seen lives ..i have seen lies..
    And m gonna choose only one in between them..and yeah its obviously "lives"
    So.. Hope this year give me lives... And i too could give some lives to my beloved ones..
    Happy new year....2018