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    Ignore. It's personal rant for relief.

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    As i am sitting here in my study room on a diwali day, i am typing my feelings because if i won't i will eventually cry and crying on festival is not allowed. You know that.
    I am missing the light of my life who is my dadi, her soul resides with God now,
    It's said that we burn crackers on diwali so that our ancestors who are anywhere near god can see us through its light and hear our celebration, that we all are doing good.
    We didn't enlightened any diya today and we won't celebrate any festival till next June. It's not because these are customs to be followed but we are so helpless, we can't celebrate from within, you know. We miss each and every thing that would be happening right now if she is here.
    People are wishing us happy diwali over What'sApp and we are replying them back with same but without a single expression of happiness in our face..
    Happiness is only real when shared, i read that and watched it in a movie,
    How can we just be happy when one member because of whom we all are here is not present.
    Since Autumn people are talking about how change is good and poets define it's beauty and the coldness that come around and the love. Everything.
    This change is hardly accepted and it's not beautiful, in this cold weather i miss how i used to just jump into your quilt and you never mind my cold feets touching yours. I never slept alone since four, i used to hug you every night and sleep peacefully in your embrace.
    I never felt need of pampering because you gave me enough and equally i recieved your scold. I miss them.
    And i won't be able to write you more now.. i don't want to shed a tear.