• ashithasuju 5w

    Your words reverberate
    from the walls of my room
    Your voice keeps playing in
    repeat Inside my head
    'Woh din' in the background
    Nostalgia lingered around
    my room searching for
    unanswered question
    I remember every trivial detail vividly
    I reminisce our first date
    It wasn't really a date but yeah
    I like the fancy name
    we went to the Mandir
    My heart was going crazy
    standing next to you
    Words were floating in my head
    Love poems to be precise
    When you said you loved me
    On a Saturday noon
    I swear I wanted to say that
    I loved you the entire time
    But those words never slipped
    out from my lips
    And you slipped away from my life
    Just like that
    Promising me that you'd wait
    But here I am waiting for you to turn back