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    May be there is no single  soul mate  for a single person,how can be there is a single person waiting for you in your way,holding all keys to all your complexities ,for all your inadequacies and all your ever changing mood and you waiting for the same, holding his keys in your hands.

    Isn't relationship is about what I can't fulfill by my own and what you don't have I give it you, and that giving is  not missing a piece from you but giving,adds to your happiness ,it adds meaning in your life and you feel important and worthwhile to yourself and someone too.

    May be there is no single person out there,may be that's why life is so long and   you have so many knots ...so that you can eventually ...you can meet different souls in a long duration some entangling the knots and some uncovering those.

    Each individual can contribute a bit of something and it's true... though there will always be a void but it has it's own beauty in being incomplete which will drive the life force for it's completeness... and that's the whole story of being in a relationship with partner's complement to each other.

    There is nothing such thing like complete... no body is complete and can complete itself... there is always a room to fill... and I believe it's good like that only as we have some purpose to live and enjoy too.

    May be we have been sold the idea of single soul mate...may be there are many.
    And it's our whole sole responsibility to search all yours soulmate and evoke the sleeping love buried within ourself.

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    There is no Single Soul Mate !