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    �� LOWKEY - NIKI

    [ Verse 1 ]
    Wonder what I'll do when the cops come through, And the whiskey's run out
    'Cause I've been lookin' at you since half past two, Wanna take this downtown?
    This liquid courage got me way too honest
    Put your phone on vibrate, let's catch a vibe, babe, While the sun's down
    Hush now, I know we're a little too fucked up to stay still, love
    Be as quiet as you can, 'cause if anyone sees
    They'll just blow shit up
    I don't gotta know if you're taken
    I'll just let ya know bedroom's vacant
    No one's gotta know, just us and the moon 'til the sun starts wakin'

    [ Pre - Chorus ]
    Up's the only direction I see
    As long as we keep this

    [ Chorus ]
    Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low-key (ah, ah, ah, ah)
    You ain't even gotta lo- lo- lo- lo- lo- lo- lo-love me (ah, ah, ah, ah)
    Us in a king-size, keep it a secret
    Say I'm your queen, I don't wanna leave this
    Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low-key

    [ Verse 2 ]
    Wizard with words tellin' me my energy's so bewitchin'
    So I'll go first, there's an open bar, let's close this distance
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my, don't make me have to spell it all night
    I don't really give a fuck 'bout all the "he said, she said" bullshit
    So pick your poison, love, let's go somewhere a little more exclusive
    Take a shot, take a chance, take my hand, boy
    Tension so intense like an asteroid
    Be discreet, gotta dodge all the tabloids

    [Pre Chorus ]
    Let's not think too much, there ain't no problems
    So long as we keep this

    [ Chorus ]

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    let's close this distance

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