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    There's an oath the doctors take on graduation, one wherein they swear to heal the sick to the best of their abilities. And this is not something that someone forces upon them. This is what they sign up for while taking up medical studies. This is their passion, their dream for which they work days and nights on end. Medicine is not easy, and thus only the capable minds complete this strenuous regime. But it doesn't end there. The rigors are for lifetime. The doctors work till the time their fingers and backs and minds are all worn out. And yet, they have to continue. Because where the WHO recommends 1:1000 doctor patient ratio, India has 1:10000. What is the doctor supposed to do when rigid regulations shackle his productivity, when his mind is preoccupied with a thousand other things like political interference, transfers, and of course facing wrath of kin of the deceased. Doctors secure your lives, but what about theirs? Isn't it the responsibility of the government, who rather than punishing the perpetrators muffles the doctor's voices instead. Isn't the ruling party responsible for overcrowding, long waits for appointment and delays in patient care rather than doctors? It's funny how some even politicize the entire tragedy and give it a communal turn. Agreed death, is a sensitive issue. But sometimes, it is impossible to blow life into someone who's already climbed his deathbed. Doctors are not magicians bestowed with elixirs. Doctors are humans. Just like you and me. It's time we understand them too.

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    Doctors aren't magicians
    Neither are they your slaves
    To command when in need
    And thrash when displeased