• bobbycneis 9w

    Searching for more

    Just another moon in another starless sky and I wish on a stronger kind of conjured hope,
    Love is only real when it's felt like a remedy, deeper than the empty words that are spoke.

    I keep losing my mind thinking on lost times, and I search for a better form of my own heroine,
    I let the blood of my sin run thin, blemishes appear within, until impurities boil just beneath charred skin.

    How immensely it still hurts deferring what it is to never see how things should have been,
    This keep lock soul blocks out demons, although the devil walks through a weak will to defend.

    I never gave up or sold my worth, but found a sunset filled with years of regret,
    Then I counted the dispelling pieces of who I dreamt to be, moving faster in time like a traumatized mind does with thoughts during flashbacks.

    Slashing through walls of a person who knows nothing but the shock of a piercing knife as life fades black,
    While losing track I keep racing right back to the days, and the rain within pours to shield from the pain, but its a high that never lasts.