• hollyrose 5w

    Team hurts for teamwork

    I woke up at 6am to travel to a job I despise
    I have tried to speak to the managers,but there is no compromise
    Everyday I feel like leaving... But I get up, sleep, repeat
    It's hard to go without food, and then have to force yourself to eat
    There's no time in a four hour shift, to grab a quick bite
    I often completely skip my dinner, and go with nothing until the night
    But still I'm expected to be my best
    And smile through the pain
    My hands are dry, my feet ache... But tomorrow I will do it again
    I was screamed at today... Too low on staff and the pressure is intense
    But they don't feel the need to hire, they won't listen to the staffs defense
    My supervisor did a 12 hour shift
    And didn't get a break
    But apparently the pressure is all in our heads
    It isn't real, it's fake
    I was too ill to go to work, I shouldn't have been in
    But yet because of lack of staff, I forced myself to grin
    I asked myself why we do this, why don't I follow my dreams
    Its because we are in this together, we are all part of a team