• bhweshpatil 5w

    If you want to undersatand what is freedom ask a person who has imprisoned and not seen the sunrise ever in his life..we have got our freedom by sacrifice of neumerous lives the martier .. India became free on 15 August as you know but do we understand the value of freedom.? Its our duty to to strenghten the patriotism in our life.. Being a patriotic doesnt mean you have to fight in the bettlefield .. we can show our patriotism by serving the nation at any level .. To work with honesty for nation is patriotism.Lets start a compaign this independence day to work for people who are deprived and destitute.. Lets sing a song for those who have devoted their lives for betterment of society..Lets not give up in front of communilesim and triviality..Lets unfold the nation flag with full pride.. Lets our mother land make proud by our brotherhood..happy Independence day jai Hind..

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    Independence Day 74