• living_stone 10w

    Qualities Of An Employee

    Just this afternoon before a little nap, I remembered a portion I read in one of Brian Tracy's books some time ago, about employees and I thought it's wise to share it here... Some of us are employees already while some would become one in no time.
    So it's expedient that I share it with you. With the rate of layoffs in the workforce today, it's important that we know this as I think it's one of the top secrets in the workforce we must know if we must cement our place in any organization we find ourselves...

    Brian said that the two qualities of an ideal employee is first, the ability to set priorities, to separate the relevant from the irrelevant. Second, is the ability to get the job done fast, to execute quickly. He further explained that the most popular people in every organization are those who are always willing to lend a helping hand. The more the people next to you, above you and below you like you and support you, the more you will get paid and the faster you will be promoted. These set of people are people who have mastered what he calls "Dependability", which he termed the most important ability in the world of work.
    There is nothing that will get you paid more and promoted faster than to develop a reputation of getting your tasks done quickly and well, and on schedule. Selah!