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    Our Story

    So this is our story
    And I can't help it but it's indeed a comedy
    Beginning with our foundation stone
    It's Thanuja Ambily Sasi always lost and gone
    "Ohhh nikonnum vayya" Is her usual tone
    We sit in the room snacking Aishu's uniyappam and muruku
    And we get extra than others because we are her close suhurthu
    George thumps in tall and long speaking of her new emotional kurukku
    We try explaining her as she sits near her valam
    And I say out of envy "ellam ninde mandatharam"
    But we still love her for all her pottatharam
    We switch topics to guyss and other basics
    And there stands Sabitha B hating it the most of all the gossips
    "Ohhh... Onnu nirthuo." Scolds she and we stop our musings
    Thalla enters, her 'above the knee' length hair open
    Sits down, her legs crossed and it's followed by silence
    "Edi ithu kanduo..." the story of Helicoverpa begins and uninterested we listen
    I see our puccham rolling her eyes
    Clearly she's not interested even if it's otherwise
    "Aano ammachi" Suddenly it's krishna pretending to be nice
    " Ee thalla ithu kelkunundarna?" Smirks our Irene
    With no other option we burst into laughin
    "Ohhh...Njn ini mindathilla" Krishna's hands folded into praying
    "Njn kando odane motta aavum" Kavya laments about her losing hair
    And I laugh imagining her bald nothing on her head to spare
    "Ullathinde ahangarama" her eyes glare
    "Ammachi ariyo oru puthiya movie irangeetund" our eyes now turn onto Pavitra
    She senses our anticipation of knowing the name Of the cinema
    "The നുൻ. Athu athinde peraa."
    The seriousness on her face while pronouncing it wrong makes me go ROFL
    Still she doesn't ring any bell
    " Athe Pavi നുൻ alla tto, 'The Nun' aanu." controlling her laugh, feeling pity Navya tells.
    "Nalla horror aana kette, nammak poyaala?" asks Navya
    "Ningl pokko cinema kaanunathu niku ishtamalla"
    smiles the mother's girl Nazia
    "Aadi povaam" Blurts out the excited Sumaya
    "Ohhh aa chiri onnu nokiye" Points out a mocking thanuja
    Sumaya replies"Enthedi, nthayalum ninne kaalum bhangiya."
    "Nee avale angne ippo kali aakanda" comes in Thanu's defense the innocent Aishu
    "Nink ntha vende?" Turning to her asks a doubtful thanu
    Aishu glares" Podi patti. Niku ariyaayirunnu niku ithe kittu."
    "Aano vaave." Standing up Thanu tries to please
    "Ithu ngota,?" We ask her with now straightened knees
    "Vaa, mathi chaya kudika." She says, cause you know we don't skip any meals.
    Ohhh I forgot about me
    I'm their Gundu or Gundini
    And that was our daily story.