• saurabh99 6w

    Don't fake it no one gives a damn!

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    I meet a stranger in a journey of life,
    When she is Whispering her secrets,
    To a dying autumn leaf with a bit hesitation,
    Afraid of humiliation exactly like us,
    But still, everyone makes her feel like,
    She is different, faking all of the truth.
    I can see in her eyes,
    The passion of stretching her wings soared to heaven,
    And never return in this hopeless world.
    But her sorrowing heart is always burdened by expectations,
    Of not now, not like this, not this time.
    Most of us are abandoned by our dreams, and
    somewhere in this life, we all are carrying burdened heart,
    You may neglect it, but we all are alone crumbling our ways,
    Then why she is different?