• neha2911 23w

    H & His Vibrant Umbrella☂

    Blue,Pink,Orange,Red,Yellow & Green,
    The neon colours,all seem so serene;
    Here it comes as the monsoons begin
    An umbrella to befriend my lil bean!

    What are Parents of Parents for??
    To spoil a little & lots of pamper;
    A sight to see on the face of my boy,
    A colourful gift and oh! so much joy!!

    Twisted and turned it,open & close,
    Conversed with it via poems & prose;
    A day in school and an evening in d park,
    Tales of the tiger & rhymes of the lark!

    No time for meals or even water sprinkles,
    Alongside the chap, his parasol twinkles
    And even on a day, when rain decides to rest ;
    It shines in his armour to make him look the best!!

    Partners of crime, in and Out,
    whilst posing for selfies with a pout;
    For long drives or even doctors visit
    bedtime cuddles,enjoying milk & a biscuit!!

    But eventually as its all said n done,
    A phase it is & ends before its has begun;
    A slant in his mood, and a little bit of lift
    As he impatiently waits for another new gift!!!