• msushil 9w

    Wedding Anniversary:
    Many a time I banter you,
    But most of the time,
    I adore you.
    Many a time,
    I poke you,
    But most of the time
    I adore you.
    Your seven circumambulation
    With Mitali
    And your staunchness
    Towards her always
    The emotions of trueness.
    Oh! My peerless bestie,
    'I adore you,
    I genuflect to your simplicity'.
    Oh! My friend
    Who can understand love
    better than you,
    Who can maintain
    Despite all odd situation?
    Oh! My friend,
    Many a time
    I banter you,
    Many a time I poke you,
    Many a time
    I ambush your invisible wound,
    But still I revere you,
    Still I love you
    And even in the photo,
    The vermilion on Mitali's forehead
    And sacred thread
    In her neck
    Always wink at me
    To wish
    'Happy wedding anniversary.'


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