• vivant 30w

    Love, Your Child

    I know that you
    cannot understand
    my aversion to
    becoming one as well.

    You should be able to.
    For it cannot be that
    long ago that you
    swore to your mother
    who swore to your mother's mother.

    We may have had
    the very same fear,
    because I have found
    that there are strings around
    my fingers that I must pull together.

    I fear that heat runs
    in our blood, as if Spanish moss
    poisoned your father's line
    with outbursts that may
    become mine.

    You said there's a gentleness
    in me. But, I cannot see,
    as if anyone could, and
    how much in liters or
    ounces is enough?

    There is a series
    of events that you have not
    considered. And you say I
    am borrowing trouble, but
    I fear that they will not converge.

    I do not want to
    disappoint. But I do not
    understand how something
    so small can endear to
    some but not others.

    I was endeared to you
    by some magic that
    surpasses my understanding,
    my perspective, when I
    could be called a nuisance.

    And, mother, I fear
    that the moment to
    become one myself
    will not come and, thus,
    should not be expected.

    Mother, you have
    become part of my heart,
    but I am young. Please,
    don't expect me to