• ssparikshya 23w

    Indulging delusion

    Dear respected readers,

    I present you with my new penning which I call
    " indulging delusion"

    The theme of this creation is that there is a hidden Ravana and Rama inside each of Us and we are in the earth have the goal defeating the Ravana with in by manifesting the Rama side of force

    I summon you,the unborn
    Little stubborn,made up of meat ball,
    Out from from darkness to the light,
    you had to put up a fight
    From the void to become child,
    You had to prove your gender,
    To the uterus lender
    To the tests numerous other
    There rests you promising to be sin free

    You failed on it
    Sailed on to delusion
    With so much confusion

    Sent to be sin free
    You went on a indulgence spree

    Feeling the source of induction
    You were resultant force
    Unaware of the goal
    You diluted your soul
    That is a fool in making
    With thoughts shaking
    Something is lacking

    Since you are a sin out of a sin
    You ought to be indulging delusion
    In form of saturated pleasure
    That is so faux scrumptious...
    So nonsensious

    Wise thing to do
    Embrace the call
    O dear meat ball
    Delusion is your fear
    But the conclusion is very near
    O dear meat ball
    Dear unborn
    Dear child
    I summon you to sever the delusion.